Aston Abbotts (Church Farm) Helipad
Latitude 51.875464
Longitude -0.769064
DMS Format 51° 52' 31"N, 0° 46' 8"W
W3W format
Site Operator's Notes
This information was supplied by Aston Abbotts (Church Farm) Helipad on 2024-05-17 13:45:17 and not owned, checked or warranted by Helipaddy. You must get prior permission to verify the latest conditions and suitability at any landing site before each visit. A request without a reply does not constitute an approval. Risk assessment is the responsibility of the pilot and the site owner and not Helipaddy, who are not providers of landing information: - All helicopters welcome at any time - Please phone in advance and give your approximate time of arrival, alt. contact mobile: +44 7910 253970 - Approach from the north - Helipad in sight of village church (8x8m paved square with windsock), in the field just North of Flackwell Electronics' Workshop - NB: power cables on the NE boundary - No landing fees - Hangarage for R22 available - Overnight parking fee - No fuel

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