Santander Airport by helicopter

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Santander Airport by helicopter
Latitude 43.42478
Longitude -3.825667
DMS Format 43° 25' 29"N, 3° 49' 32"W
W3W format back.backlog.spades
Calle Aeropuerto, 30A, 39600 Camargo, Cantabria, Spain
Santander Airport LEXJ
+34942 202 113
Hiring of a handling agent (see item 4) is mandatory for all operations of General and Business Aviation with aircraft using stands outside the apron intended for general aviation (aircraft with wingspan over 12 m). Except: hospital, SAR, emergecies and State flights. At least should be hired ramp category 5: Assistance to the aircraft. In addition, whenever there are passengers, category 2 should be hired: Assistance to passengers. For these cases, in arrival operations, passengers and crew must wait for its handling agent.
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