Oripää Airport by helicopter

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Oripää Airport by helicopter
Latitude 60.515
Longitude 22.27
DMS Format 60° 30' 54"N, 22° 16' 12"E
Siipitie 183, 20360 Turku, Suomi
Oripää Airport EFOP
+358 50 553 9033
Paavo Mäki-Mattila
http://lentopaikat.fi/oripaa-efop/ There are possibilities to rent rooms and cottages, do camping, go for swimming, shower and sauna, use the kitchen and washing machines. The closest village is Oripää incl. a few shops, ATM, bank services and gas station is about 4 km from the airfield. See more information at our webpage: http://www.turunlentokerho.fi
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