Arras-Roclincourt by helicopter

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Arras-Roclincourt  by helicopter
Latitude 50.321238
Longitude 2.800017
DMS Format 50° 19' 16"N, 2° 48' 0"E
W3W format origins.meal.capers
Arras - Roclincourt Airport (QRV), 1 Chemin de Blangy, 62223 Saint-Laurent-Blangy, France
Arras-Roclincourt LFQD
+33 3 21 23 24 24
Aeroclub Arras +33 21 55 36 74
The 100LL is managed by the aeroclub but not available on weekends or holidays. A grass airfield on the north-eastern edge of the town shared by a mixture of light aircraft, gliders and microlights. The town itself has a a reasonable choice of bars and restaurants and makes a good base for exploring the many WWI sites in the area. Avgas not available on weekends and holidays The Arc de Ciel restaurant is very close to the aerodrome and does a good local prix fixe menu from Monday to Friday. Coffee available from 11.00-1500. +33 32 15 90 991
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