Abbotsford International Airport by helicopter

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Abbotsford International Airport by helicopter
Latitude 49.020422
Longitude -122.35508
DMS Format 49° 1' 13"N, 122° 21' 18"W
31618 Walmsley Ave, Abbotsford, BC V2T 6G5, Canada
Abbotsford International Airport CYXX
The Abbotsford International Airport has approximately 100,000 aircraft movements and processes 530,000 passengers annually, with expectations this number will grow. The airport, seven days a week, has commercial service to domestic markets and seasonal service to international markets. Majority of the aircraft movements are made up of GA and flight training traffic. Every year on the second week of August the airport hosts the Abbotsford Airshow. The primary runway, 07/25 is 9597 in length. Runway 07 is equipped with an ILS with landing limits of 256 ft AGL. Reduced Visibility Operations are conducted using Runway 07/25 when the RVR is between 2600 and 1200 feet. The airport is not certified for operations below 1200 feet. Runway 01/19 is 5328’ long and intersects the main runway and is primarily for VFR operations. Land and hold short operations (LAHSO) are in place for Runways 25 and 19 and will be conducted according to Nav Canada MANOPS and the Abbotsford Nav Canada Unit Operations Manual. Taxiways A, A1, B, C, C1, C4, and D are controlled; Taxiway G and Apron 1 are uncontrolled; Runway 01/19, Taxiway B, Taxiway C, Taxiway C1, and Taxiway C4 are not used during reduced visibility operations.
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