Wolverhampton (Halfpenny Green) by helicopter

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Wolverhampton (Halfpenny Green) by helicopter
Latitude 52.515705
Longitude -2.264305
DMS Format 52° 30' 56"N, 2° 15' 51"W
W3W format rivals.doped.shape
Wolverhampton Halfpenny Green Airport, Bobbington, Stourbridge, Staffordshire DY7 5DY, UK
Wolverhampton (Halfpenny Green) EGBO
+44 1384 221378
Flight Information Service Unit
Originally built as an aerodrome for the Royal Air Force in 1939, the airport now provides a thriving base for a number of general aviation operators and maintenance providers including: aircraft and helicopter flying schools, private aircraft operators and various non-aviation based tenants.Ideally positioned in the centre of the UK, the airport is only seven miles to the south west of Wolverhampton and 20 miles from Birmingham. - the Airport Café is positioned immediately below the Control Tower. Alternate Contact: +44 1384 221350
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