Aeroporto di Fano "MOVM Enzo Omiccioli" by helicopter

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Aeroporto di Fano "MOVM Enzo Omiccioli" by helicopter
Latitude 43.822623
Longitude 13.02654
DMS Format 43° 49' 21"N, 13° 1' 35"E
Strada Comunale Campo d'Aviazione, 61032 Fano PU, Italia
Aeroporto di Fano "MOVM Enzo Omiccioli" LIDF
+39 334 7796054
Matteo Rossini
The Fano Airport is a general aviation civilian airport with a beautiful views to the Adriatic Sea. Wikipedia: Twitter: Facebook: Aertraining (aerial banner towing): Associazione Aeromodellismo Fano (radio-controlled model airplanes school and association): Eagles Aviation Academy (professionali flight school): Fly Fano Club (flight club): Ristorante Barone Rosso (typical restaurant): Skydive Fano (Parachuting School and association):
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