White Cliffs of Dover by helicopter

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White Cliffs of Dover by helicopter
Latitude 51.135955
Longitude 1.364279
DMS Format 51° 8' 9"N, 1° 21' 51"E
The Front, Saint Margaret's at Cliffe, Dover, Kent CT15 6HP, UK
Aerial Point of Interest
White Cliffs of Dover
The White Cliffs of Dover are cliffs which form part of the English coastline facing the Strait of Dover and France. The cliffs are part of the North Downs formation. The cliffs spread east and west from the town of Dover in the county of Kent, an ancient and still important English port. During the summer of 1940, reporters gathered at Shakespeare Cliff to watch aerial dogfights between German and British aircraft during the Battle of Britain. It marks the point where Great Britain most closely approaches continental Europe. On a clear day, the cliffs are easily visible from the French coast.
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