Flugplatz Prag-Letňany by helicopter

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Flugplatz Prag-Letňany by helicopter
Latitude 50.131552
Longitude 14.525822
DMS Format 50° 7' 53"N, 14° 31' 32"E
Hůlkova 1024, 197 00 Praha-Praha 19, Czech Republic
Flugplatz Prag-Letňany LKLT
+420 286 581 340
The airport Letnany is one of the oldest airports in the Czech Republic, it was established in 1925. There were three aircraft factories in 1930s – Letov, Aero and Praga. Today the airport is surrounded by the build-up area. Our airport is in the MCTR Kbely and is surrounded by three big airports with international and military traffic. Prepare your flight well, please. Prague Letňany Airport is characterised as a metropolitan airport, with a dense housing estate in its immediate vicinity. With respect to good relationship with the airport neighbours, follow the given traffic pattern and all the noise control procedures please. Airport circuit is specified by clearly identifiable points and a very simple shape. Intentional violation of the prescribed noise abatement procedures will be prosecuted by the airport operator.
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