Empuriabrava by helicopter

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Empuriabrava by helicopter
Latitude 42.2597357752
Longitude 3.10944467783
DMS Format 42° 15' 35"N, 3° 6' 34"E
W3W format daily.moves.boomers
Carrer Aeroclub, 19, 17487 Castelló d'Empúries, Girona, Spain
Empuriabrava LEAP
BEWARE - BUSIEST SKYDIVING OPERATION IN EUROPE-DURING SKYDIVING OPERATION NO OVERFLYING OF THE AIRFIELD ENAIRE VFR GUIDE: https://guiavfr.enaire.es/#AD/LEAP Empuriabrava is one of the most unusual towns along the Costa Brava. Sporting nearly 24 kilometers (15 miles)1 of canals, and 5,000 private jetties, Empuriabrava is the largest residential marina in the world.
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