Madrid-Cuatro Vientos by helicopter

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Madrid-Cuatro Vientos by helicopter
Latitude 40.369002
Longitude -3.774678
DMS Format 40° 22' 8"N, 3° 46' 28"W
Aeropuerto de Madrid - Cuatro Vientos, Carretera Barrio Fortuna; Carretera, 6218, 28054 Madrid, Madrid, Spain
Madrid-Cuatro Vientos LECU
+34 91 321 10 00
Madrid-Cuatro Vientos airport, the oldest of all Spanish airports, is located just eight kilometres from the centre of the capital. It is a joint civil-military aerodrome used for general aviation flights. The layout is civil on the south side and military at the north side of the runway. The grass runway is only to be used by military traffic. Although this is apparently Madrid's largest GA airport it appears to restrict parking only to resident aircraft and temporary parking has to be negotiated over the phone on the day of arrival. PPR 48 hrs in advance
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