Mariehamn Airport by helicopter

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Mariehamn Airport by helicopter
Latitude 60.12394
Longitude 19.905534
DMS Format 60° 7' 26"N, 19° 54' 19"E
Flygfältsvägen, 22130, Åland Islands
Mariehamn Airport EFMA
+358 18 634 420
For flights within Schengen area you don't need prior permissions to land in Mariehamn. Usually there is no border control for flights inside Schengen area, but customs might be interested in checking what is brought to åland islands because this area is outside of EU-tax area. This also means tax-free shopping in the airport. Parking is on general aviation appron. It's not allowed to park on nearest squares in front of the hangars. Fuel 100-LL is self service and it's available outside of opening hours also, Jet A1 is only available during opening hours. Pay methods are Shell aviation card or major credit cards.
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