Fetterangus by helicopter

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Latitude 57.560498
Longitude -2.030089
DMS Format 57° 33' 37"N, 2° 1' 48"W
B9093, Fraserburgh, Aberdeenshire AB43, UK
+44 1779 474973
Gavin Thorn
Very close to Longside Airfield which is far more active. Not strictly PPR - call me if you can - but obviously at your own risk, and a potential diversion if there's a nasty x-wind at Longside and getting anywhere else may be problematic. Strip is 500 yds plus orientated roughly NE/SW , located 1nm north of village of Fetterangus / 3nm north of Mintlaw. GPS ref. is something like N57 33 640 / W 002 01 700 and it presently stands out as the big green strip at edge of a huge ploughed field, running right down to the North Ugie river. 'Parking' should be at the SW end near the big double gates. Visitors most welcome - including low pass/ touch & go - but please do clock position of the undulations before attempting any landing, and try to avoid overflying the big farmouse up the hill to the south. Approaches to SW - please try to curve in past the properties lying to NE of the strip. Approaches to NE (the much more tricky downhill) should curve in low from the West. It's a very good policy to be on Longside frequency 130.575 but pre-fixing any calls as 'Fetterangus'. If anybody is in, the official airfield taxi may possibly come out....coffee quality not assured.
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