Cardiff Heliport by helicopter

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Cardiff Heliport by helicopter
Latitude 51.467483
Longitude -3.137573
DMS Format 51° 28' 2"N, 3° 8' 15"W
W3W format offer.polite.took
Foreshore Rd, Cardiff CF10, UK
Cardiff Heliport EGFC
+44 29 2046 5880
Cardiff Heliport (Tremorfa) is an unlicensed heliport operated by Welsh Air Ambulance Trading Ltd on behalf of Cardiff County Council on a 150 year lease. Normal Hours: 09:00-18:00 Winter Hours: 09:00-17:00 Out-of-hours: By prior arrangement - H1 Fire Cover - Landing Fee - Customs by arrangement - Jet A1 available - Rotors-Running-Refuels (RRR) - Avgas 100LL available - Hangarage (subject to availability) - Open to unusual mission requests
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