Morlaix-Ploujean by helicopter

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Morlaix-Ploujean by helicopter
Latitude 48.600833
Longitude -3.8166666666667
DMS Format 48° 36' 2"N, 3° 49' 0"W
Unnamed Road, 29600 Morlaix, France
Morlaix-Ploujean LFRU
+33 2 98 62 76 70
Alternate phone: +33 2 98 88 00 36 AVGAS : automatic dispenser (self service 24/7) only with TOTAL credit card. JET A1 : attendant during ATS SKED. Cash payment, CB or TOTAL credit card. ATS SKED : Monday to Friday 09h-12h and 14h-17h LT, ATS extension possible 24:7 outside these SKED and HOL : PPR the day before or last working day during AFIS SKED
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