Troyes-Barberey Airport by helicopter

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Troyes-Barberey Airport by helicopter
Latitude 48.32210159
Longitude 4.016699791
DMS Format 48° 19' 19"N, 4° 1' 0"E
W3W format
Troyes/Barberey FR
Troyes-Barberey Airport LFQB
+33 3 25 71 79 00
Aeroclub de Troyes +33 3 25 74 46 70
Avoid overflying the village of ‘’La Rivière de Corps’’ Glider winch launching activity at AD, limited to 2000 ft ASFC, SR-SS, announced on FREQ TROYES A/A and by flashing light on the ground. A useful airport to clear customs after coming over from the UK and they don't need prior notice of arrival apart from the usual activated flight plan. The only problem being that although there is an automated fuel pump close to the runway, it only takes carte Bleu. Credit cards are accepted, but that involves a long walk to the terminal and the terminal folk do take their lunch breaks quite seriously. Fuel available 24H self service using smart card but credit cards also during operating hours.
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