Soissons - Courmelles Airport by helicopter

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Soissons - Courmelles Airport by helicopter
Latitude 49.344977
Longitude 3.282294
DMS Format 49° 20' 41"N, 3° 16' 56"E
N2, 02200 Vauxbuin, France
Soissons - Courmelles Airport LFJS
+33 6 81 14 03 00
If the flying Club is open (at least every afternoon, 2:00-6:00 pm, loc time): - Internet access is available (weather, NOTAMS, ...) - AVGAS 100 LL can be delivered (to be sure: call the day before). - Refreshment is possible at the bar. Transport to town (e.g. to hotel) can be arranged, just ask in advance! MICROLIGHT WELCOME (but no mogas!)
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