Auch-Gers Airport by helicopter

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Auch-Gers Airport by helicopter
Latitude 43.687546
Longitude 0.603004
DMS Format 43° 41' 15"N, 0° 36' 10"E
Aérodrome d'Auch - Lamothe, Auch, France
Auch-Gers Airport LFDH
+33 5 62 63 06 07
david BIDOU
Fuel: carte air Total only Landing fee: <1.5 t = 2.45€ vat includet 1.5-2.5 t = 4.20€ vat included Ident: LFDH Elevation(ft): 411 ISO Region: FR-N Municipality: Auch/Lamothe GPS Code: LFDH VAC map:
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