Albert Picardie by helicopter

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Albert Picardie by helicopter
Latitude 49.972997
Longitude 2.689934
DMS Format 49° 58' 22"N, 2° 41' 23"E
1 Rue Henry Potez, 80300 Méaulte, France
Albert Picardie LFAQ
+33 3 22 74 38 10
Morgan-Jeffrey Hugon
The Albert-Picaride Airport (LFAQ/BYF) has been managed by the RAAP since May 2014. Landings are welcome. -AFIS and Control tower speaking English -Jet-A1, Avgas 100LL, UL-91 -PPR customs 08h the week, 24h the week-end The Albert-Meaulte airclub is run by Dominique Trencart and has for many years arranged flights exploring the battlefields of WW1 in a small plane.
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