Taranto-Grottaglie by helicopter

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Latitude 40.519114
Longitude 17.401825
DMS Format 40° 31' 8"N, 17° 24' 6"E
Taranto-Grottaglie Airport, SP83, 74020 Grottaglie TA, Italy
Taranto-Grottaglie LIBG
Francesco Rubino
3 200m of runway EU100s of millions spent on this superb underused airport which serves for Guppy to pick up 787 fuselages 11 times a month. Customs and fuel (at least JETA1) and will get you out of Brindisi or Bari which are total nightmare airports to deal with. With an EC120 2 p.o.b. airport fees came to EU70 v cheap by comparison.
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