Grenchen Airport by helicopter

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Grenchen Airport by helicopter
Latitude 47.182732
Longitude 7.416396
DMS Format 47° 10' 57"N, 7° 24' 59"E
W3W format state.munched.oasis
Hundsacker, 2540 Grenchen, Switzerland
Grenchen Airport LSZG
+41 32 396 96 96
Ernest Oggier, Director
Grenchen Airport is a Regional Airport in the canton of Solothurn in Switzerland. There are more than 10 flight Schools incl. helicopter located at this Airport. With 70'000 movements one of the busiest Airport in Switzerland. During the day CTR with ATC, in the morning and evening RMZ with IFR in Airspace 'G'. All helicopters are welcome. For all briefing notes see:
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