Aerodrome de Falaise by helicopter

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Aerodrome de Falaise by helicopter
Latitude 48.927022
Longitude -0.147732
DMS Format 48° 55' 37"N, 0° 8' 51"W
Les Monts d'Eraines, 14620 Damblainville, France
Aerodrome de Falaise LFAS
+33 681403144
Guérin Olivier or Gillot Bertrand
The aerodrome of Falaise-Mont d'Eraines an approved aerodrome for restricted use1, located 5 km north-east of Falaise (city of William the conqueror) in the Calvados department in the Normandy region. It is used for the practice of leisure activity and tourism (light aviation, gliders, helis, rc models)
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