Newmarket (July Airstrip) by helicopter

It may not be possible to land here, locations where landing is not possible are also listed in Helipaddy. Please login for details.

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Latitude 52.233208
Longitude 0.355087
DMS Format 52° 13' 59"N, 0° 21' 18"E
Devil's Dyke, Newmarket, Cambridgeshire CB8 0XD, UK
Newmarket (July Airstrip) EGSW
+44 1638 664151
Jockey Club Estates Ltd.: +44 1638 664151, Race Days: +44 1638 662752
One of two landing strips operated by the Jockey Club Estates Ltd. The July Airstrip and helipad are located adjacent to the July Racecourse. - refreshments on the racecourse on race days only
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