Maypole by helicopter

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Maypole by helicopter
Latitude 51.339436
Longitude 1.155112
DMS Format 51° 20' 21"N, 1° 9' 18"E
W3W format wells.goods.stay
Maypole Rd, Canterbury, Kent CT3 4LN, UK
Maypole EGHB
+44 1227 860374
An unlicensed 700m grass airfield in Kent, operated by Mr and Mrs Haigh. - toilets - refreshments available -Mobile 1: +44 7768 658153 - Moble 2: +44 7778 787447 Airfield is just just a few minutes flying time from France and has full facilities for anyone wanting to drop in before crossing the Channel including flight planning, refreshments and emergency maintenance services.
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