Marshland by helicopter

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Latitude 52.640752
Longitude 0.292044
DMS Format 52° 38' 26"N, 0° 17' 31"E
Middle Drove, Wisbech, Norfolk PE14, UK
Marshland EGSI
+44 7768 448852
Mr R. J. Herbert- Mobile: +44 7768 448852, Day/Weekend: +44 1945 430666, Evening: +44 1945 430365
Unlicensed grass airstrip in Cambridgeshire, often unmanned. - the strip has a good level surface and is located in close proximity to the Middle Level Main Drain and an industrial site with a large white roofed building. - NB: often unmanned - strictly PPR by phone - no fee - warning: buildings and trees on final approach to Rwy 03. Crops grown close to the strip's west edge. Ditch to the east edge. - airfield may be soft after prolonged rain or snow - please park to the side of the hangar (not in front), and fill in the landing book in a metal case nailed to the hanger wall - 100LL by arrangement (please give a day's notice)
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