Fife Genrothes by helicopter

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Fife Genrothes by helicopter
Latitude 56.184254
Longitude -3.219166
DMS Format 56° 11' 3"N, 3° 13' 8"W
Fife Airport, Goatmilk, Glenrothes, Fife, KY6 2SL, UK
Fife Genrothes EGPJ
+44 159 275 3792
Operations Manager
The aerodrome is operated by Fife Airport Ltd. and is unlicensed. The Tipsy Nipper Restaurant and Bar is situated within Fife Airport and is open all day to visitors, families and pilots. For restaurant opening times please see our website A popular option is Sunday High Tea – tea, toast, scones, a meal and cakes. Tables can be booked by telephone on 01592 610436 or online.
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