Dishforth by helicopter

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Dishforth by helicopter
Latitude 54.136772
Longitude -1.41964
DMS Format 54° 8' 12"N, 1° 25' 10"W
W3W format refer.liners.legs
Leeming Lane, Thirsk, North Yorkshire YO7, UK
Dishforth EGXD
+44 1423 321727
Captain Bramley x4606
Army/RAF aerodrome. Circuit height 800ft QFE. Both runways are made of Asphalt. The airfield opened in 1936 as use by Royal Air Force (RAF) until 1943 when the Royal Canadian Air Force took over but the airfield was returned in 1945 before the site was handed over to the British Army in 1992 and became Dishforth Airfield.
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