Damyns Hall Airfield by helicopter

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Damyns Hall Airfield by helicopter
Latitude 51.530159087652
Longitude 0.2470850944519
DMS Format 51° 31' 48"N, 0° 14' 49"E
W3W format teeth.frost.quiz
Entry road to Damyns Hall Aerodrome, Upminster, Greater London RM14 2TQ, UK
Damyns Hall Airfield EGML
+44 7775 742582
Easy access to London and the surrounding areas, super cheap fuel Little clubhouse Landing fee for fixed wing is free but helicopters is £100+vat according to website (changed recently). If you call on radio for PPR and land you get an invoice in the post for an "unauthorised landing fee" of £200+vat Aerodrome is no longer helicopter friendly :(
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