Bełchatów - Kałduny by helicopter

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Latitude 51.404353
Longitude 19.378692
DMS Format 51° 24' 15"N, 19° 22' 43"E
W3W format corn.readily.mild
Kałduny 3, 97-400 Kałduny, Polska
Bełchatów - Kałduny
+48 607-430-730
Wiesław Kusiak
Grassy strip, marked and cut with an even surface. On the approach from the south, 2200 meters from the landing site reference point, a 30-meter-high mobile telephone mast located 100 meters from the axis of the runway on the eastern side (illuminated). Runway cleared of snow. Night flights, PNR car gasoline 24h. Before entering MATZ EPLK A, contact Łask-Tower (133.075 MHz, tel.+48 261 555 920). Watch out for TSA 06B activity. Part number ULC 323
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