The London Heliport (Battersea) by helicopter

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The London Heliport (Battersea) by helicopter
Latitude 51.4699179428
Longitude -0.179530978203
DMS Format 51° 28' 11"N, 0° 10' 46"W
W3W format barn.strain.pushes
34 Lombard Rd, London SW11 3RF, UK
The London Heliport (Battersea) EGLW
+44 207 228 0182
ATC: +44 207 2280181. Battersea Heliport received planning permission in 1959 to operate under a series of permissions. Following closure of the City of London floating helipad at Trigg Lane in 1985, Battersea Heliport, located in Lombard Road on the Battersea riverside, became the only CAA licensed heliport serving the city of London.
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