Avflight Belfast City by helicopter

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Avflight Belfast City by helicopter
Latitude 54.611286
Longitude -5.876741
DMS Format 54° 36' 40"N, 5° 52' 36"W
W3W format dated.rather.steer
62-76 Sydenham By-Pass, Belfast BT3, UK
Avflight Belfast City EGAC
+44 28 9045 7777
Operations Officer
Single-runway airport in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Operated by Belfast City Airport. - The airport was formerly known as "Belfast City Airport" until it was renamed in 2006 in memory of George Best, the professional footballer from Belfast. Refuelling & Handling provided by AvFlight +44 02890 457 777 No 100LL - customs available through handling agent - please familiarise yourself with the airport's noise abatement procedures - warnings: HT pylons 115 ft aal, 0.66 nm from threshold of Rwy 04. Pilots are warned of the presence of Greylag geese in the vicinity of the aerodrome typically at dawn and dusk at approx. 50-100 ft agl. -
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