Scilly Isles (St. Mary's) by helicopter

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Scilly Isles (St. Mary's) by helicopter
Latitude 49.914266
Longitude -6.294219
DMS Format 49° 54' 51"N, 6° 17' 39"W
High Cross Lane, St Mary's Airport (ISC), Isles of Scilly TR21 0NG, UK
Scilly Isles (St. Mary's) EGHE
+44 1720 422677
Air Traffic Control
A small ATC unit comprising a SATCO, three controllers and two FTE assistants provides air traffic control services at St. Mary's Airport throughout the published hours of operation. An emergency call-out system enables air ambulance flights and military rescue services to use the airport on a 24-hour basis and satisfy the need to maintain a lifeline to the mainland. Situated approximately 30 miles from Cornwall on the edge of the Atlantic, weather conditions in the Islands are often subject to very rapid and sometimes un-forecast deteriorations. Sudden changes in flying conditions can result in operational challenges, particularly for those private pilots who are inexperienced, or not equipped to fly in cloud or poor visibility. Controllers are experienced observers of local weather and ensure pilots are kept informed of significant changes to conditions. - airport buffet - the airport can order taxis for you on your arrival
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