Devon LAA Strut Fly-in

Devon LAA Strut Fly-in

Flagship event of the Devon LAA Strut. The Devon Strut started in September 1979 with a group of eight local Popular Flying Association members and enthusiastic homebuilders getting together for a meeting in Plymouth, south west England. Many of those early homebuilders went on to win prizes for their creations, including Ron Martin and Clive Repik who both built beautiful Isaac's Furies. Dave Silsbury, who built a VP2, also won Best Homebuilt for his Pietenpol Air Camper in 1988 and then went on to win many prizes over the years for his workmanship. Indeed the Strut as a whole won the David Faulkner-Bryant Shield for best Strut back in 1988. Heady days indeed! PPR Required

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Date: Jun 02, 2018

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