Centenary Airshow

Centenary Airshow

An aviation event to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Old Sarum Airfield will take place on 16-17 September 2017. Throughout the year, Old Sarum is celebrating with a series of smaller events, including fly-ins and drive-ins. However, the Old Sarum Airshow 2017 will become the focal point of the Airfield's centenary year. It is anticipated that the show will follow a similar format to the highly successful air display held at the historic Wiltshire airfield in 2015. Plans for the display will be subject to current and future safety regulations. More information will be published in the runup to the event on the Old Sarum airfield (www.oldsarumairfield.co.uk) and Old Sarum Airshow (www.oldsarumairshow.com) websites.

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Website: www.oldsarumairshow.com

Dates: Sep 16 - Sep 17, 2017

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